Suddenly, everything changed.



Humans have a funny nature. They keep crying out that nothing is permanent in life, and that everything changes with time. However, they choose to be ignorant to that biggest truth in our life, which is death. Death is that one thing which will never change. It will always be there, lurking around you with its invisible presence, reaching out to you when it’s your time. When a person dies, a major part of everybody else who loved that person, dies too. Having experienced one recently, my mind was host to a number of questions. Why did this happen? Why me? Will that person know I miss them? Do they still hold the times I hurt them against me? Where have they gone? Why couldn’t I say a proper goodbye? Why do people leave? The only answer to these limitless questions is a simple four-letter word : life. This is how life is. Take it or leave it.

The first feeling that creeps into our mind when we come across a death is that of denial. And then comes in the guilt, regret and finally the grief. The denial goes away after a while. The guilt and regret makes you suffer for quite some time. The grief never goes away though. One can never get over death, you just learn how to live with it.

We all are running this rat-race and have this mind-set that we have a list of things we need to accomplish, or a list of things we must do or achieve in life. We stress out over our exhausting jobs, and continue searching for new jobs which will pay us more, irrespective of the workload. Students succumb to the pressure meted out by society, parents and teachers and get engaged in the race to “come first”, without actually gaining any knowledge whatsoever. We buy loads of things with our money and decorate our houses with beautiful things. But then, how many of us have a ‘home’ these days, filled with beautiful memories and not decorations? How many of us actually end up doing what we love in our lives?

And, in the end, none of this matters because when you die, you just leave with nothing but your soul. Hell, even your body stays back in earth. It sure feels weird to see all their belongings around you, but the person who owned them is nowhere around. And that is when all your materialistic possessions hold no more value, because in the end, this is how it’ll be with everyone. All the things you were stressing about, all the things you bought, etc., no longer matter anymore. All that matters is the memories you made with the people you loved. Goodbyes are never easy, especially a goodbye like death. The hardest part of it is to have to do it all over again every single day. Everyday, we face the same truth that life is fleeting, and that our life is short.

And to honour the fallen, we must live our own lives well. Thus, the cycle starts again. 


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