For my first post, I’d like to present my views on life in general. Let’s start with a very basic question – what is life? Unfortunately, there is no definition of it, as such. The only palatable definition that I have heard of so far, is that, the meaning of life is you’re not dead. For some people, life is all about enjoying and getting rid of your fears, whereas for some, it is to ensure that their loved ones are secure and that they have to provide for them. For some, it means being independent and making your choices, and for some, it has no meaning. When I go out, I see so many different people around me. A man selling coconuts, a salesman in a shop, a really handsome guy walking past me, a young kid eating chocolate, an old man wiping sweat off his forehead, a middle-aged woman working as a waitress, etc. What would life mean to each of them, I wonder? When we are happy, we have no sense of what’s happening around us, do we? When we party or share fun moments with loved ones, hundreds of people may be mourning around us, or vice-versa. Basically, life is all about perception – how we take life at each and every situation. Life is NEVER going to be perfect. Underneath hunky-dory lifestyles, you often find shattered hearts. At some point in life, everybody has to struggle. Few years back, I didn’t know if I’d ever survive what I was going through, but here I am, strong as ever. People face a lot of storms in a lifetime. However, these storms teach you a lot too. I would definitely not be who I am today if it weren’t for the things I went through – both good and bad. It is how we face those situations that matters. You can either decide to fight it with gritted teeth, or just give up. Giving up is never the answer to anything. Sometimes, people change drastically due to some incidents. I believe there are two sides to people – a good side and a bad side. We often focus only on the negatives and fail to appreciate the positives. People never realize the effect of their words. In anger, words of hatred are spewed out like venom, but never do they realize what others may feel about it. Hearts can be broken into tiny pieces in just a matter of a few seconds. And mending that is a Herculean task. Sometimes people fail to consider the fact that everybody has feelings. We never think of what our actions might do to shape up another person’s future. If we hurt someone, knowingly or unknowingly, they may either choose to wallow in depression and bring upon a tragic outlook to their life. Or they may choose to turn the negative vibes into positive work energy and bring a cheerful, yet practical, outlook in their life. So, in a way, it’s the choices we make that matter the most. Like Peter Parker says, “Our choices make us who we are”. Think of it as a plant. If we choose to water it in regulated measure, it will grow in a healthy manner. On the other hand, if we choose to keep watering it, we would end up killing it. Life is about choices. Our choices shape us as individuals and make up our future, thus affecting our destiny. Karma is something that plays a role too. The fact that our every action brings about an equivalent reaction, is the best possible way to describe karma. Of course, life will invariably drop you in a dark hole and it’s upon you to climb out. It’s the way we choose to do it that matters.


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