Our story.


It was a day when she expected nothing – she woke up from bed with no prior notion of the magic she would experience that day. She was leading a lifeless existence till then. Every day she felt like the walls were closing in. She ignored everybody and hoped that everybody would ignore her. Nothing meant anything to her. It was like she was bound by the sense of pessimism, which developed over time. Like a mask, she faked a smile and tried to blend in because she did not want to attract too much attention to herself. She preferred being a loner. Dependence was something she hated. Even if she was broken on the inside, she’d plaster a smile over her face and pick herself up without relying on anybody else. This is how things were for quite some time. But then everything changed the day she met him. 

 He was standing a few feet away from her. She was busy reading something. But then, something made her look up. Probably the same force that made him look in her direction. And that’s when their eyes met for the first time. She had been in love before, or so she thought, but never had she experienced something as strong as this. Especially with a mere stranger. It’s nothing, she told herself. Trying hard to resist looking at that mysterious stranger again, she concentrated on the task at hand. Fate was only laughing, as she again looked up at him. She noticed his features and tried to memorize his face. He was beyond perfection. As his chocolate brown eyes met hers again, she quickly lowered her eyes and went back to what she was doing. It was like time had stood still and nothing else mattered. When they looked at each other, she was overcome with a scary, yet irreplaceable feeling – a feeling that made her want to stay rooted right there and to capture the moment. 

Slowly, they started to grow close. They basically completed each other. Although alike, they shared many differences. He made up for what she lacked and she made up for what he lacked. Whenever they were together, it felt like there was nobody else around. “What is happening to me?” they asked themselves. The answer was a very simple word with a very complex meaning – love. Both of them were in solid denial of the inevitable though. However, what’s meant to be is meant to be. In the midst of a lot of misunderstandings, tears and the immense pain of separation, they finally believed in their love and decided to confess. 

From being strangers, they now share a bond which is unbreakable. A bond based on the principles of trust, honesty, understanding, care, friendship and love. They were tired of listening to other people finding love. She wanted someone who would care for her and understand her more than anybody else. He wanted someone in front of whom he could drop his walls and just be himself. It’s like he was waiting for her all his life and she for him. It is an evolved relationship wherein they even accept each other’s faults. Where the road will lead, they do not know. But as long as they are together and are able to soak in the beautiful feeling of each other’s company, does anything else really matter? 

“In our lives, we are often afraid to take a chance. We fear that things may not turn out to be as we expect. We become submissive to the looming thoughts of failure and rejection. But, we need to shove all of that aside and just speak our hearts out. At the end of the day, it is our emotions that keep us sane, so it is very important to share them with people. If we love someone, then we should just go for it. Of course, there are chances that that person may reject us. But it’s a good thing, because that way, we won’t be harboring false hopes of any kind. We can think of a thousand reasons why something won’t work out, so why can’t we just find one reason why it can work out?” – Anonymous.


Wake up and live.


I had a great birthday this year. Almost everything was close to perfect, which was so unlike last year. Trust me when I say EVERYTHING went wrong last year. And yes, I also cried. It may sound dramatic, but hey, who wants to cry on their birthday? Anyway, it is no secret that our mindset affects our life in more ways than we could imagine. Someone with positive thinking can find fragrance even in flowers made of paper, whereas a person with negative thinking may find it difficult to extract fragrance even from an actual rose. But then, our mindset has to be born from within us. No one can ever be truly happy if they keep expecting happiness from other people. Of course, some special people can make us happy. But even then, it would be wrong for us to always expect them to make us happy. We need to understand that only one person can be given the responsibility of keeping us happy, and that is ourselves. Let’s face it, there are some things you do alone. And this is one of those things. If people make you happy, then that’s fantastic, but you need to make yourself happy first to allow others to make you happy.

I did this mistake last year. I was too dependent on people. Instead of taking charge of my own happiness, I waited for other people to make me happy. That lead to a lot of crap which ended up with me crying my eyes out. To be honest, a day before my birthday this year, I again started feeling the weight of everything that happened last year. I felt maybe the same things would repeat. Perhaps things won’t go as planned or maybe something would go wrong. But that’s when I questioned myself : Why do I need other people to make me happy? Except for a few, I shouldn’t really give everybody so much of importance. And that is when I did things that made me happy – I started reading a great book, listened to the Pussycat Doll and Guns n Roses, saw a few Superwoman videos on Youtube, and yeah, that made me more happy than I could imagine. Again, happiness is a relative term. What makes me happy, may not make you happy, and that’s fine. Do whatever makes you happy. Life is short, and before we know it, we are at the last chapter. And I sure as hell wouldn’t want to sit and regret then, thinking about all the times I should’ve taken control of my own happiness. 

All of us go through trying experiences which may still affect us in some way or the other. Those experiences are capable of upsetting us. But, letting go off the pain is the first step to happiness. What has happened has happened. No matter how much you cry, yell, fret or sulk, nothing is going to change the past. But you can change the present, and do yourself a favour and stay happy. No revenge is sweeter than being happy in front of the people who upset you. So, if someone made you feel bad or upset, just smile and enjoy your life while karma does its job. I don’t know if you may agree with me, but if you are someone who has just fought with a loved one, had a break up, or failed at something, let me just tell you it gets better, much better. Take it from someone who has been through all the three – life does not wait for you. Take charge of your own life before its too late.

Technological Black Hole


Every year before my birthday, I save up some money. I donate half of it to Help Age India and spend the remaining half on myself. I usually like to go alone when I go to spend that money. So, that’s what I did today. The primary idea behind going alone was because I like observing people. Not like a creepy stalker, but just as a curious dreamer. The mall was mainly filled with families since its a holiday for most people. Conventionally, the idea of spending time with one’s family, fills the mind with images of people having meals together, laughing, chatting and updating each other about the happenings in their lives. And that is how it should be ideally. However, what I saw today was contrasting. Families sitting together for meals were either all typing away on their smartphones/tablets or playing Angry Birds. Technology is overpowering us so much that we find it hard now to spare approximately a minimum of three hours’ undivided attention towards our families. I wish I could say my family time was different, but sadly, no. Although we might talk for sometime, ultimately everybody turns to their smartphones for entertainment. This constant dependence on technology is somewhat scary. It is killing real-time conversations and interactions. 

Like a black hole, this technological black hole (or Tech Hole) is sucking humanity in, using technology as a bait. We humans do not know when to stop. I can’t remember the last time we all sat with people at a table without touching our phones even once. Slowly enough, this Tech Hole is just growing bigger and bigger. I am not saying that technology isn’t beneficial. That would only be stupid, because it is extremely advantageous. However, we must know where to draw the limit, in order to reap the maximum benefits. 

Earlier during festivals, people genuinely engaged in gift-giving. Now, we only receive a text message, or if we’re lucky, a phone call. And of course, the people who voraciously tag thousands of people in a picture on Facebook with ‘Happy Diwali’ or ‘Happy New Year’. Even if people exchange gifts, they only try to out-do each other. If ‘A’ gifts ‘B’ something worth Rs. 1000, ‘B’ would want to gift something worth Rs. 1500. This apparently seals their ‘high’ status in society. Competition in the workplace is understandable, not in such cases. Very few people gift only because they really want to, and I applaud such people. The way festivals are celebrated have become mechanical too, as everything is carefully planned so that a lot of pictures can be uploaded on Facebook or Instagram. Different poses, different backgrounds. Again, I don’t mean everybody does it this way. But the people who celebrate festivals only for the heck of it, please get a life outside Facebook. 

Anyway, festivals are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest and so is family life. Family life is highly underrated so do give it the importance it requires. We’re only human so it is okay to have faults. How we improve ourselves is what matters. I am going to try and curb my texting habits and spend more time making real memories, not memories on Facebook. Stay safe, and Happy Dashami 🙂 



For my first post, I’d like to present my views on life in general. Let’s start with a very basic question – what is life? Unfortunately, there is no definition of it, as such. The only palatable definition that I have heard of so far, is that, the meaning of life is you’re not dead. For some people, life is all about enjoying and getting rid of your fears, whereas for some, it is to ensure that their loved ones are secure and that they have to provide for them. For some, it means being independent and making your choices, and for some, it has no meaning. When I go out, I see so many different people around me. A man selling coconuts, a salesman in a shop, a really handsome guy walking past me, a young kid eating chocolate, an old man wiping sweat off his forehead, a middle-aged woman working as a waitress, etc. What would life mean to each of them, I wonder? When we are happy, we have no sense of what’s happening around us, do we? When we party or share fun moments with loved ones, hundreds of people may be mourning around us, or vice-versa. Basically, life is all about perception – how we take life at each and every situation. Life is NEVER going to be perfect. Underneath hunky-dory lifestyles, you often find shattered hearts. At some point in life, everybody has to struggle. Few years back, I didn’t know if I’d ever survive what I was going through, but here I am, strong as ever. People face a lot of storms in a lifetime. However, these storms teach you a lot too. I would definitely not be who I am today if it weren’t for the things I went through – both good and bad. It is how we face those situations that matters. You can either decide to fight it with gritted teeth, or just give up. Giving up is never the answer to anything. Sometimes, people change drastically due to some incidents. I believe there are two sides to people – a good side and a bad side. We often focus only on the negatives and fail to appreciate the positives. People never realize the effect of their words. In anger, words of hatred are spewed out like venom, but never do they realize what others may feel about it. Hearts can be broken into tiny pieces in just a matter of a few seconds. And mending that is a Herculean task. Sometimes people fail to consider the fact that everybody has feelings. We never think of what our actions might do to shape up another person’s future. If we hurt someone, knowingly or unknowingly, they may either choose to wallow in depression and bring upon a tragic outlook to their life. Or they may choose to turn the negative vibes into positive work energy and bring a cheerful, yet practical, outlook in their life. So, in a way, it’s the choices we make that matter the most. Like Peter Parker says, “Our choices make us who we are”. Think of it as a plant. If we choose to water it in regulated measure, it will grow in a healthy manner. On the other hand, if we choose to keep watering it, we would end up killing it. Life is about choices. Our choices shape us as individuals and make up our future, thus affecting our destiny. Karma is something that plays a role too. The fact that our every action brings about an equivalent reaction, is the best possible way to describe karma. Of course, life will invariably drop you in a dark hole and it’s upon you to climb out. It’s the way we choose to do it that matters.